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How To Stop Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is considered by many as a harmless activity with no major impact. It is usually used to describe the act of consuming a lot of alcohol over a very short period of time. Teenagers and campus students have been known to engage in activities such as this. This is a habit that is mainly found in young people. When they go out to drink their main aim is to get wasted and consume as much alcohol as possible. Most people think that since they do it only once in a while it will have no major consequence which is untrue.

There are people who know that they have a binge drinking disorder. It is something that they would like to stop but they do not know how. Binge drinking is not easy to quit for some people. They may have become addicted to that way of life and changing it may prove to be very hard. Below are tips that will help you stop binge drinking. They may not make you quit drinking entirely but they will help you moderate your drinking.

Being Aware of The Consequences.

Lack of information on various topics is usually one of the major causes of problems. When you are faced with the consequences and problems that may be brought about by binge drinking you can be motivated to quit. The problems here may be short term or long term. Short term problems include nausea, vomiting, shaking or alcohol poisoning. Long term problems include brain or liver damage and it may also lead to alcoholism.

Knowing Your Triggers.

Everybody has triggers that make them want to indulge in this sort of drinking. For some it may be seeing a bottle of liquor while for others being at a party just makes them want to drink themselves silly. You should know the factors that make you want to drink and confront them appropriately. If you feel that they cannot be confronted then it would be better if you avoided them. If you have a friend that always makes you get wasted you should avoid them.

Drinking Slowly.

Take a few sips of your drink at a time. Do not be in a hurry to finish your drink. The body absorbs alcohol very slowly and when you consume alcohol quickly you may fail to realize how the alcohol will affect you later. You should therefore avoid drinking games since there you will be forced to take in a lot of alcohol very quickly. You should also avoid purchasing more drinks or accepting offers of drinks from others.

Starting out with soda or other non alcoholic drinks

A soda before your alcoholic drink will reduce your chances of getting drunk quickly. You should therefore begin with a non alcoholic drink before you take your alcohol. While you are taking alcohol it is also important that in between drinks you take a soda or another non alcoholic drink.

Do not drink on an empty stomach.

When you go out to drink and you have not eaten anything you will be tempted to drink a lot. Drinking while hungry often results to binge drinking since your desire to consume alcohol is very high. A full stomach will suppress your urge to drink irresponsibly. When eating you should avoid salty foods. Foods that have a high salt content will increase your thirst and make you drink more.

Limiting the amount of money that you carry with you.

When going out carry only enough money and leave your credit card at home. Carry money that will allow you to consume only enough alcohol. Once it is spent then you can go home. If you carry too much money or bring your credit card with you to the bar, you may be tempted to indulge in binge drinking. Without the money however, the urge will not be there.

Staying busy.

Inactivity will definitely make you drink more. While drinking try and perform other activities. Dancing, talking, playing darts or pool is a good way to keep busy. If you are performing other activities then your urge to drink will be reduced and you will not engage in binge drinking.

For one to stop binge drinking you have to have self discipline and motivation. The two will help you a lot as you try to quit the habit.