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How Much Time Do You Spend In A Drug Rehab Facility?

The length of time you spend in a drug rehab facility varies depending on the length of addiction, cooperation of the addict, and also the available resources. While some people are able to work on their recovery period using a combination of group meetings and counseling, others must turn to more extensive and longer inpatient treatment programs. It is known that an introductory procedure, and a drug detoxification program can last up to 3 days time in a drug rehab facility. However, the average length of time for addiction treatment in a drug rehab facility

How much time do you spend in a Drug Rehab Facility?

Though the time taken for addiction treatment in a drug rehab facility varies from one person to another, short term residency program provides treatment for a particular set of time duration,like 30, 60, or 90 days, while long term residency program can possibly take from 9 months to one year. The drug detox procedure can last as little as three days, but the exact time period will often depend on the substance used for addiction; alcohol addiction can take only a few days, but meth or heroin may require a week. Detox program cleanses the whole body system from alcohol or drugs. Drug detox programs should be overseen and managed by medical professionals because withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable for the patients and even be dangerous.

Short term residency program: This kind of the drug rehab program usually provides treatment for a particular set amount of time. In a short term residency program, the addict is committed to stay here for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days, after which he or she is discharged from the facility. The stay period in the drug rehab facility allows the addict to learn about the different aspects of addiction, like stress management and interpersonal relationships. For up to a certain period of time, short term residency program is covered under the insurance program, mostly for only one month. However, the success rate increases when an addict is allowed to stay in a rehab facility for at least three to six months time. A long period of stay in a drug rehab facility would enable the addict to get enough time to address employment, patterns of addiction, housing, or mental illness.

Long term residency program: A long term residential drug rehab program is a semi-structured environment that can last from 9 months to a year. This kind of drug rehab program is a good choice for people who have been repeatedly incarcerated on drug charges, are in danger of becoming re-incarcerated or homeless, or have difficulty keeping a housing or a job. Community housing, also called halfway housing do not include any individual therapy for the addicts, but helps them transform into independent living by teaching job skills, sharing a household, and offering group therapy. Whatever be the time duration spend on a drug rehab facility, it should take as a challenge that lasts for the rest of the life in an addict's life.

Why long term stays in drug rehab facility is more successful:

If an individual is facing a problem in addiction recovery, then it is best to get as much as treatment and professional help as they can afford. The longer an addict stays in a rehab facility, the more he/she is likely to develop a new way to deal with reality.

The idea of these rehab programs is to help addicts walk out of the treatment one day and handle everything without the use of any drug or alcohol. Also, they should learn how to enjoy the realities of the world and deal with their life that do not lead to any relapse. So, to this end, the longer an individual stay in the treatment, the better he/she can do all these things.


The period of stay in a drug rehab facility is the first question asked by various addicts when joining a drug addiction program. Since, no two people are the same, the length of stay in a drug treatment facility also differs from one individual to another. Some addicts will recover within 6 weeks, while others may take up to a year for recovery. In short, the complete psychological, biological, and social assessment of the addict will help in the determination of their period of stay in a drug rehab facility.