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Long-Term Drug Treatment

Drug addiction is a serious problem which needs to be addressed with the help of rehab programs. It can affect any race, religion, age, and gender. In the United States alone, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also known as SAMHSA, stated that nearly 23.2 millions Americans are in need of alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

Needless to say, millions of people all over the world need help. If you are one of them or you know a friend or loved one who is currently struggling with drug addiction problems, keep in mind that today is the best time to act and find a solution to end the problem. In this connection, a person who wants to opt for drug rehab programs may choose from two different rehab programs - the short-term drug treatment and long-term drug treatment. If the addiction is so severe the patient is advised for a long-term drug treatment program. Usually, people with chemical dependencies on Vicodin, Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, and Oxycontin are given long-term addiction treatment programs. Read on to know more about this type of drug treatment program.

What Is A Long-Term Drug Treatment Program?

This type of drug treatment program is also known as residential treatment center. Usually, it involves closely-monitored detoxification which normally lasts from 90 to 120 days. It also features residential rehabilitation and aftercare support. The length of time will vary from one patient to another depending on the severity of the case. This type of treatment provides addicts more space and time from distractions, stress of everyday life, and temptations. A long-term rehab program has a lot of varieties and there are copious programs to choose from, including Behavioral Modification, 12-Step Treatment, Methadone Maintenance Treatment, Biophysical Modality, Long-term Religious Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Private Rehabilitation, and Multidimensional Family Therapy. The kind of treatment given to a particular patient will vary based on the number of substances they are abusing, the type of substance they have been using, and the number of times they have tried other treatment without success.

Long-Term Drug Treatment - The Different Recovery Facilities

It is the main goal of drug treatment facilities to help patients in recovering and gaining back their normal life. In order to make this possible, they focus on different recovery facilities which can help the addicts in their continuing recovery. In order to complete the recovery process, the patients are advised to and guided in doing outdoor activities like out-of-town trips, outings, and outreach programs. Long-term rehab programs also help patients recover by encouraging them to participate in skills training, sports, and other recreational activities.

Long-Term Drug Treatment - Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Program

Making a decision to opt for such type of addiction recovery program is a healthy choice. However, you might probably think that it is quite a daunting task to look for a reliable drug treatment facility that can answer your needs. With ample knowledge and research, you will be able to find the best facility in your area. One of the most important things you can do is to check if the staff members are trained and medically certified to treat drug dependency. It is also a must to see if there are appropriate individual and group therapy options offered. It is also necessary to determine if the drug treatment facility offers both medical staff and clinical treatment options. You may search online and look for a reliable drug rehab treatment facility in your area which offers long-term drug addiction treatment.

Moreover, another thing which you need to consider is the geographical location of the treatment facility. It would be convenient enough if the facility is close to the patient's home so that the family and loved ones can offer continued support with ease. On the other hand, drug treatment centers which are far away from home may also provide opportunity and freedom to recover with the absence of influences associated with drug abuse. In addition, it is also important to think of financial considerations. The costs of long-term addiction treatment may vary from area to area. However, keep in mind that this type of treatment is quite costly. In order to lessen the burden, you may check with your health insurance provider to know what health benefits are covered under the policy. You may also opt for financial assistance programs.