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Partial Day Rehabs - Roseburg, OR.

Partial day rehabs are programs where people receive drug abuse treatment services during the day after which return home on a daily basis when rehab is finished. Partial day rehab may also be preferred over a more involved program requiring either an inpatient stay in a healthcare facility or even a residential stay in a residential alcohol and drug treatment program or therapeutic community. This really is primarily because it provides lots of flexibility so that the individual can maintain their responsibilities and normal lifestyle while still undergoing treatment services. Partial day rehab is also a cheaper option, because individuals only investing in the rehab rather than amenities necessary for an inpatient or residential alcohol and drug rehab program. The majority of partial day rehabs offer treatment inside a medical center or mental health hospital or clinic, and these programs provide the normal rehab services that would normally be provided in almost any other typical drug rehabilitation center. Partial day rehab can also be a worthwhile aftercare option for a person who has already completed rehab in an inpatient or residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. This could provide added support and recovery services needed for many who want this outlet when they manage to get their lives back to normal.

KAIROS Coastline
45.5 miles from Roseburg, Oregon

KAIROS Coastline is a Substance Abuse Treatment Center that is located at:

1500 16th Street
North Bend, OR. 97459

If you would like to contact KAIROS Coastline, you can reach them at 541-756-4508.

KAIROS Coastline offers the following treatment services: Partial Day Rehabs

Payment forms accepted: Medicaid Accepted