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Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is one of the most widespread diseases in the world we live in. This progressive disease comes with severe effects and symptoms, which can become increasingly serious over time. Alcoholism is characterized by having a pattern of drinking in excess, despite the negative side effects alcohol has on your body. Only in the United States, alcohol abuse affects over 20% of all women and 10% men, most of them under the age of 25. Moreover, around 2,000 youths from the U.S. die in car crashes each year because of drinking alcohol. In addition to all that, over 100,000 drivers in the United States got a DUI in the last year. All these statistics are on the rise, which means that alcoholism has become a huge problem in our society, especially when it comes to teens.

Of course, a good majority of people have no problem enjoying a beer or a glass of wine after a long day's work. However, when this hobby and pleasure becomes a necessity, you might have a problem. The truth is that there is a thin line of demarcation between casual drinking and alcohol abuse. As a matter of fact, casual drinking can easily turn into dependence for people who already have an addiction in their life. In order to fight the side effects of alcoholism and to be free of this dangerous disease, it is imperative to know what the main signs of alcoholism are. If these signs and symptoms sound familiar, you should turn to professionals and seek their help. Remember that alcohol can have serious negative long-term side effects on your person and on those around you. The sooner you manage to overcome it, the better it will be for your dear ones and of course for you.

The following are the main signs of alcoholism.

1. Blackouts and Temporary Loss of Memory

Consuming too much alcohol can lead to temporary memory loss. If you tend to get drunk at every single party you go, the drinking problem is obvious. The inability to recall important moments that happened while you were drunk are a direct result of excess alcohol. It has been proven that alcohol prevents your brain from working normally, so try to stay away from it as more as possible.

2. Drinking Just to Cheer up

If you drink only to boost your mood and become happy again, you are probably not on the right track. A glass of wine at a special occasion or a beer when watching a soccer game are completely acceptable, but when you are using alcohol as a means to feel better and improve your mood is a sign of substance abuse.

3. Can't Stop Drinking

Another sign of alcohol addiction is logical - you simply can't abstain from drinking. You might have tried quitting several times but with no real success. In this case, you should seek assistance from a doctor.

4. Your Body has Adapted

A clear sign of alcoholism is when you are drinking way more than everyone else around and you are still standing up. This is because your body has got used with alcohol, so you can now spend hours in the company of heavy drinkers without getting drunk. That is a true problem indeed.

5. Look for Opportunities to Drink

You might do a certain activity, and all of a sudden you feel an urge to drink. Instead of focusing on what you were doing, you are looking for excuses to go to the store. Of course, you want to buy a bottle of wine and a couple of beers. In this case, you need to know that you are addicted to alcohol.

6. You Hide Bottles and Cans with Alcohol

If you notice that you have at least one bottle of alcohol everywhere around you, you should consider giving up drinking. Most people who abuse alcohol have a few bottles in the toilet cistern, in the car, behind their wardrobe, in the shed, under the bed etc. You don't want anyone else to discover you secret place so you usually look for new places to hide bottles with alcohol.

7. Start Drinking in the Morning

One of the most obvious signs of alcoholism is when you start drinking the first hour in the morning. You just want to "recover" from the last night, so you have to drink some more in the morning.

In case you are addicted to alcohol you really need some help. Start by paying a visit to your doctor to discuss these common symptoms and signs of alcoholism. He will guide you further.