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Springfield, OR. - Rehabs for Expectant Mothers

It is really an unfortunate truth that even pregnant women battle with drug use. Sometimes, the pregnant woman is dependent on alcohol or drugs when they became pregnant and just couldn't stop using no matter how hard they tried, in the interest of their baby. Continuing drug abuse during pregnancy isn't only likely to result in a risky pregnancy, but tends to also significantly increases instances of miscarriage and infants born dependent to drugs or alcohol. No one wants to see their newborn experiencing drug or alcohol withdrawal simply because they didn't stop their drug abuse in their pregnancy. And nobody wants to get their baby taken away from them because they couldn't quit. Centers for expectant mothers can offer woman true solutions to be able to experience a healthy pregnancy and consequently a healthy baby when it is born. In a rehab for pregnant ladies, women can be safely detoxed without side effects that could compromise their own health or the health of their baby. They can remain in treatment of sufficient length to get the support and care that they must to fully grasp their addiction and just what caused it, to stop these conditions and circumstances in the long-term so they are a good mother to their child.

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene
7.8 miles from Springfield, Oregon

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene is a Drug Addiction Treatment Facility that is located at:

715 Lincoln Street
Eugene, OR. 97401

If you would like to contact Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene, you can reach them at 541-344-3574.

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services, Drug Detox / Alcohol Detoxification, Methadone Detox, Outpatient Rehabs, Dual Diagnosis, LGBT Rehabs, Senior Rehabs, Rehabs for Expectant Mothers, Women - Treatment Services, Men - Substance Abuse Treatment

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay, Medicaid Accepted, State Insurance