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Senior rehabs are mean to help meet the needs of older and elderly rehab clients. Drug use among old individuals and also the elderly is a major concern, especially as "baby boomers" reach their 50s and 60s. The time period which these individuals come from saw rampant recreational substance abuse, and for some this carried on into their later years. As individuals age, the consequences related to alcohol and drug abuse become magnified because older adults have a heightened sensitivity to these substances. There's also the reality that many seniors take some kind of prescription drug for a health condition, then when these drugs are misused or mixed with alcohol or any other illegal drugs, it's really a hazardous and lethal concoction. So it is important to help provide a means for seniors and older persons to obtain help for any type of drug abuse issue before significant negative effects result. Senior facilities offer seniors the opportunity to live out their golden years alcohol and drug free, to allow them to enjoy this critical time in their lives and not have to cope with the stresses caused by a lifetime of drug abuse.

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene
7.8 miles from Springfield, Oregon

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene is a Drug Addiction Treatment Facility that is located at:

715 Lincoln Street
Eugene, OR. 97401

If you would like to contact Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene, you can reach them at 541-344-3574.

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services, Drug Detox / Alcohol Detoxification, Methadone Detox, Outpatient Rehabs, Dual Diagnosis, LGBT Rehabs, Senior Rehabs, Rehabs for Expectant Mothers, Women - Treatment Services, Men - Substance Abuse Treatment

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay, Medicaid Accepted, State Insurance