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Hospital Inpatient Programs - Raleigh, North Carolina

Hospital inpatient programs are treatment facilities for drug abuse, which give an exclusive and clinical setting for those in recovery. A hospital inpatient program can be a beneficial choice for someone who has a co-occurring mental health issue, and someone with other medical requirements which may need to be overseen by medical professionals. Individuals who partake in such a program can usually benefit from mental health services while also addressing issues which may have prompted their abusing drugs. Frequently individuals with a co-occurring mental health disorders use alcohol or drugs to self medicate instead of efficiently responding to their disorder. Professional rehabilitation counselors within a hospital inpatient program can help individuals turn the tide so that they not find the necessity to use drugs and alcohol in this way, and instead develop methods to make their mental health disorder more manageable. Medicine is often used to accomplish this, but this isn't the solution needed in all cases. By way of example, even subtle environmental modifications in one's life can alleviate stress and put a whole new perspective on things so that the individual doesn't feel compelled to abuse alcohol or drugs. Therapy within a hospital inpatient program can help expose such problems so they can be handled.

Holly Hill Hospital
Holly Hill Hospital is a Drug Rehabilitation Center that is located at:

3019 Falstaff Road
Raleigh, NC. 27610

If you would like to contact Holly Hill Hospital, you can reach them at 919-250-7000.

Holly Hill Hospital offers the following treatment services: Hospital Inpatient Programs, Hearing Impaired Rehab Services

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay, Medicaid Accepted, Medicare Accepted, State Insurance, Private Health Insurance, Rehabs that Accept Tricare